If you are a person who likes to enjoy the good things in life, you know that there are no luxuries in life that come cheap. At least not when you are looking at products that are authentic and speak only of class, elegance and sophistication.

This is the same logic that is applied in case of Louise Vuitton bags. These bags are a sign of grandeur, style and  mark of success. Such products are generally not expected to come at a price that any normal person can afford. These bags are not considered as shopping or indulgence, but are more like an investment.

But it is obvious for a person to expect a best price when there is an option. So if you are looking at premium Louis Vuitton bags at cheap prices there are some factors that you need to bear in mind,

  • Luis Vuitton bags are not available anywhere other than Luis Vuitton boutiques.
  • This is one exceptional brand that never really goes on sale. So you cannot expect any existing prices for a Louis Vuitton bag to actually drop. Unless you are going for a second hand option.
  • There is no such thing as a Louise Vuitton ‘factory outlet’ or ‘wholesale price’. So the moment someone is trying to sell you that, you have to beware.
  • An authentic LV bag will never come along with an ‘authenticity card’. As an original will never really need to prove itself.

Then how can one lay their hands on a LV bag that costs lesser?

Traditionally a Louise Vuitton bag will never drop its own price, so if you are looking at a bag with a lower price you have just a few options:

  • Check out the countries where these bags are available at a lesser price than your own country.
  • You can look at a LV boutique at a duty free outlet
  • Find a person working for the brand and scout for some employees discount.
  • Look out for the ‘Used LV’ bags options where the price can come down drastically.