In today’s world, mobile usage is at its maximum peak in India. Mobile is being used as well as misused for a variety of reasons. Usage of mobiles is increasing in crimes too. False, harassing and threatening calls are at a high rise these days. Tracing a mobile number is very essential to curb such activities.

Tracing a mobile number is for many other reasons like tracking calls from unknown people, fake calls and so on. By tracing a mobile number it is possible to know who the caller is, the location of the caller, and the service provider.

Ways to track a mobile number

  1. Manually with Wikipedia- All Indian numbers have a prefix of 7, 8 and 9. Using the numbering plan 2003, the number can be manually traced.
  2. With the help of internet- It requires using a particular website and just entering your number. That traces the mobile number.
  3. Through mobile phone- It requires installing a Java application on a Java-enabled

You just have to go to a website which helps in mobile number tracking. Enter the 10 digit number without prefixing 0 or +91. Then follow this link to trace a mobile number. The exact location and the service provider will be displayed.

Disadvantages of tracing mobile number:

The main drawback of tracing mobile number is the privacy issues. There are many debates on this being breach of privacy of a customer. Mobile phones exploit the privacy and information of their customers. Geolocation is definitely not advised as it is venturing into the customer’s privacy area.

Advantages of tracing mobile number

  1. Child safety: Helps parents track their children easily.
  2. Friend tracking: This can enhance your social as well as business life.
  3. Emergency services: It is very useful in locating missing people with this feature.

Mobile tracing is very useful and simple process.